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Harsh Verma

Stock Market Trainer

I believe earning from the stock market is not a big task but people made it complex by applying tons of indicators just to make it look cool.

Start Learning and Start Earning Immediately


I have been mentoring from the past 15+ years in the stock market and see so many ups and downs. Want to part of my journey?


I saw, people are teaching on a practical subject by theory. I fill this gap by help you to welcome to our family.


At Royal Trading Lab, we have a team of dedicated individuals who share a common passion of making a sincere and concerted effort to bring about a certain amount of financial awareness and literacy amongst the common people so that they try and achieve financial freedom at an early date in their working lives. A humble beginning was made by me over three years ago by forming Royal Trading Lab, a platform where anyone could ‘Learn’ and ‘Earn’. Since then, a number of Free Seminars and paid training courses have been conducted by Royal Trading Lab in Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.

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Is Trading and Investing are the Same?

Is Trading and Investing are the Same?

Are you interested in trading or investing? Doesn't matter right? They both are one and the same. If you also think so then you are quite wrong. People often use them both synonymously but surprisingly they are distinct from each other. A person investing in the...

For Beginners : What is Stock Market?

For Beginners : What is Stock Market?

You are going to step in "Stock Market" - Good !! Transformation of Market begins. The market about which we heard earlier, shows the trading of goods and services by the emergence of buyers on sellers on the basis of agreed value. The transaction resulted from the...

How to Get Started with Share or Stock Market?

How to Get Started with Share or Stock Market?

You’re investing in stocks — good for you! Are you interested? Haven’t you?? Every one of us is interested in multiplying our savings or residue income. No one wants to keep their earning stored either they are earned from a good source or the bad one. “The hunger for...



In Equity or Cash Segment, we teach you how to take profits in the time frame of 1 to 4 weeks.


Future and Options trading need special knowledge to work its better first work on the Cash market.


Forex trading means driving sport  car ( 150 to 200 km/hr) , So you can need lots of experience to master the skill .


The best part of Commodity market is it works all long the day i.e. 9 am to 11:30 pm. We can trade anytime in it.

3 Different Needs & 3 Different Options

Stock Market Mastery

( Blue-Print )  5 Days Intensive Program

Learn the Art of Stock Market Trading and Investment ,this is a foundation program how to become money Magnet .Learn how the stock market work and how to make money both direction of movement.


Stock Market Mastery

(Implementation & practical) 40 Days  Advance Mentoring Program

Learn the art of Money Making skill by apply Price Action Trading. Learn the Wealth creation strategy and how to build your portfolio and Money Management Strategy.


Master Mind Program

(  Implementation and Practical )

 6  months Mentoring Program

Special program design for CEO   (ONE 2 ONE) Master the Money Skills .Master the all three market i.e. Equity, Future & Option, and Currency Market


I am a practising Dental Surgeon but I have always had a keen desire to know something about the financial markets, financial planning, investment avenue evaluation and stock market operations. Recently, I got an opportunity to join the Price Action Trading training course at Royal Trading Lab. I got valuable inputs from Mr. Harsh Verma during the course. Under his guidance, I learnt the basics of Technical analysis for stocks. After consulting my financial advisor, I was able to generate an actual return of more than 20% in one particular stock within a very short span of time. Though I had invested a small amount, this single trade done after due analysis on my own has given me a lot of confidence for my future operations, trading and investments in the stock market. I thank Mr Harsh Verma and Royal Trading Lab.

Dr. Vipul Jetley

Dental Surgeon

When you don’t believe in something but want to experiment, you give it a try. So did I. Being a CA it was difficult for me to rely on anything other than the fundamentals of a company. But as I learnt over the mentor-ship period under the guidance of Mr. Harsh Verma, its all about technical analysis, which encompasses even the fundamentals in it.

I never believed anyone could earn a good return from the stock market and when Harsh Sir told me that 5 % p.m. was easily achievable, I doubted him. But the doubt was completely erased in just 1.5 months wherein I was the one picking stocks which gave far more returns than mentioned in a weeks time, not one month. I still continue to find the stock and as per Sir’s guidance act on it.
Harsh Sir has been very helpful all along and with his mentorship program, it sets him apart as he is always willing to teach you.
CA Gaurav Dang

Chartered Accountant

I came to know about the Royal Trading Lab and Mr Harsh Verma through one of my friends.  In my busy schedule, I decided to join classes in price action trading.
Mr Harsh Verma was also good enough to adjust class timings as per my convenience.  Some times, I was the only student in the class. Many repeat sessions for important topics helped me to improve my knowledge in this field.
During the training, many practical sessions for buying and selling which gave me opportunities to avoid mistakes and learn without incurring any actual losses.
Now, I am able to execute my own trades and make profits, as I do not want to take big risk. I also speak to Mr. Harsh Verma often and he is glad to give me clarifications that I need.
My Best wishes to Royal Trading Lab & Mr Harsh Verma.
Mr Reji

LIC of India

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